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Troubled by hair problem, follow these amazing tips.

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New Delhi: When the hair is split into two from the bottom, they are called two-faced and due to having two hairs, the hair starts to look lifeless and rough from the bottom. Most of the women have problems with two hairs and due to having two hairs, there is no growth of hair. But two types of home remedies can eliminate two oral hair.

Hair mask

If the hair gets moisture properly, then it will not be a problem and you can do the work of giving moisture to the hair through a hair mask. You can prepare these hair masks and apply it on the hair just by mixing a few things. You can make many masks for hair, such as egg and banana hair masks.

Oil massage

This problem is eliminated by applying coconut oil on the hair and this has also been proved right in research. Therefore, women who have this problem, apply this oil well on their entire hair and wash the head after 45 minutes, doing this treatment regularly will not cause two-headed hair.

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Eat the right food

If you eat good food every day, then hair will definitely get strength and there will not be any problem of hair. So you should include all the things that are good for hair, such as legumes and seasonal fruits, etc. in your every day meal.

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