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Garuda Sairam

Facts you don't know about the boys !

credit: third party image reference

1.Boys don’t actually look like pretty girls. They like nice and showy girls.

 2. Guys love flirting.

 3. A person may like you for a minute and then forget about you.

 4. When a person says he does not understand you, it means that you do not think about him.

 5. "Are you doing something?" Or "Have you already eaten?" The first common questions a person asks on the phone.

 6. Guys may flirt all day, but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they really care about.

 7. When a person really likes you, he ignores your bad qualities.

 8. Guys go crazy with a girl smile.

 9. Guys do anything to get the girl’s attention.

 10. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend.

 11. When boys want to meet your parents. Let them do it.

 12. Guys want to tell you a lot of things but they can’t. They definitely have a habit of gaining the courage and spirit to tell you so many things and drinking it!

 13. The boys cry !!!!!!!!

 14. Do not provoke the person to overheat. Trust me. He can.

 15. Boys can never dream and expect more.

 16. Boys usually try hard to get the girl who threw them and this makes it harder to accept their defeat.

 17. When you touch a person's heart, do not turn back.

 18. To a person "What do you know ?! .. uh ... not fair!" Jump him to a decision that is far from what you are thinking. .

 19. Boys go crazy when girls touch hands.

 20. Guys clap well when being polite but they are usually hesitant when talking to a girl they really like.

 21. When a guy makes a long “um” or makes any excuses when he asks you to help, he is saying that he doesn’t really like you and that he can’t throw the card for you.

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