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Will Salman Khan star in the sequel to 'Tere Naam'?

Tere Naam' is known as one of the most superhit films in Bollywood to date. Released in 2003, the film made Salman Khan a real Bollywood superstar. The film had grossed Rs 35 crore at that time. Happily, director Satish Kaushik is coming soon with the second part of the film. Besides, Salman Khan will also be seen in the lead role in this film.

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Satish Kaushik announced the upcoming film in an interview with Mid Day. He said, “I have a story that I can present in the form of a sequel called Tere Naam. I’ve been working on the storyline for the last while. I'm sure Salman will like the story too. We will discuss the matter with Salman in the near future and we will officially announce the film. ”

Tere Naam was a romantic suspense film. In this film, Salman Khan played the lead role of Radhe. The role of Chawla was played by Radhe's girlfriend. Radhe loves Nirja very much. But her family marries another man. Nirja then dies of cancer. Anradhe is deeply traumatized by her death. This kind of story is shown in this film. The film was a hit with its superb songs and strong chemistry with Salman. Fans have been waiting for the sequel of this film for the last 17 years.

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