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vishal hk

Best business for women home based work

1. Pickles 

Pickles business is the best business to start at home which has a great demand in present situation to start this business you needed to make pickle which should have great taste. This business is budget friendly business you can start it in 5k and more. Marketing plays main role in this business. Make sure that your pickles have best taste and quality 

2. Tailoring 

Tailoring is also the best business for women. Make best and unique dress which ever attracts your clients 

3. Online store

You can start a online store where you can sell the products.  You can buy products directly from the producers and keep your margin and sell them 

4. Home made foods

Home made foods with best quality and quantity can be prepared and packed perfectly and sell the products to your local people, shops etc

5. Tuition 

Women can even teach students online just by teaching them from home at the present situation every one are learning from online courses so this is also the best business to start 

6. youtube channels

Cooking  channel:
u can start a cooking youtube channel by making best cooking videos and record them edit them with best quality and best background music and upload them you can earn best income 

Vlogs:  you can Vlog your day to day life style and upload them 

Education channel: you can start the best education channel you can start them by teaching all the subjects to the students you needed to explain them clearly 

Fashion channel: start a fashion channel by adopting new new trends and fashion 

7. Health  consultants : you can start a health consultation service 

8. Blogging: you can start by writing blogs regarding diffrent topics and at present they are many bloggers who are earning lakhs by writing blogs  credit: third party image reference
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