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WhatsApp Privacy: Now You Can Lock Your Chats, Follow This Trick

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Fear of giving your personal phone to someone

One problem with instant messaging apps like WhatsApp is that any new message pops up in the notification section. If you have your mobile in someone's hand, then there is just the fear that no such message will be private. Because the preview of the message is visible in the pop-up notification of the WhatsApp message. This is why people are afraid to give their mobile phones to others.

Why privacy is important for any user

Actually these days people talk more about their hearts and personal feelings on WhatsApp. Some chats are very very private which cannot be shared with anyone. That's why privacy is required to hide such chats from other people.

How to use this trick

After the new setting, whenever you want to open locked chats on WhatsApp, you will be asked for a password. These chats will not open without entering a password.

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How to activate

Set password after opening WhatsApp Chat Locker. Now after opening the app, you will see the sign of plus, click on it. Now your WhatsApp page will open here. Set the desired chat as private here. The selected chat is now locked with the passwords.

Adopt this amazing trick

To lock chats, you will need to download a third-party app. You just need an app named 'WhatsApp Chat Locker' available on Google Play Store. With its help, you can lock all your special chats on WhatsApp and hide that from pop up.

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It is possible to lock chats

Yes, now you can lock some of your special private chats on WhatsApp. Its special thing is that if your chats are locked. After this setting, if someone uses your mobile too, the chats will not be visible because it was locked with a different password than your phone lock.

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