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Give your hair a red color with red jaggery

You may know how to use henna as a natural hair dye, but do you know that you can give your hair a natural red color even with jaggery flowers. The jaggery flower with its red color works to enhance the natural color of your hair and make them shiny. It does not make your hair dry like normal chemical hair dye.

Not only this, jaggery flowers have been used for centuries to increase hair growth. Also, it is also used for ending dandruff.credit: third party image reference

Hair dye prepared from jaggery flowers hides your gray hair and makes it shiny, which makes it easier to handle the hair. The charming and fresh smell of this flower dye will also defeat the chemical odor of other canned hair dye. What else does it get? The seductive red color from jaggery flowers will stay on your hair for at least two months. If all these things have convinced you, then try the hair color prepared from DIY jaggery flower given below. Steps to make it are given below.

How to make DIY natural hair color?


1 cup red jaggery flower petals

2 cups of water

spray bottle



Pour water in a pan and place it on a medium high flame. When the water boils, take it out of the flame and put jaggery leaves in it. Now leave the leaves in hot water so that its color gets down in the water. This process will take about 10-15 minutes. Now filter the prepared hair dye and place it on the room temperature to cool down. After cooling, pour it in a spray bottle.

Way to apply

After drying hair, sprinkle this natural hair dye and spread it well throughout the hair with a comb to give it a uniform color. You can also highlight your hair with this. After spraying, leave it on the hair for 45 minutes to 1 hour. After this, wash the hair with cold water, dry it in the sun or blow dry, it will make the color darker.

Take some precautions when applying

Avoid this hair dye prepared from jaggery flowers on furniture or clothes, because its fall will cause red color.

If you are reluctant to use this color, then apply a patch on a small section of hair and do a patch test.

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