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Nutritional benefits of eating banana !!!

Banana is one of the tastiest fruits that could be consumed. Banana is also one the healthiest fruits. It helps in the process of digestion, maintaining heart health and also helpful in weight loss. Besides being a fruit. Banana also serves as a good snack food.Third party image reference

Banana comes under the list of fruits which were famous around the world. Banana grown in many warm parts of the world. It is specifically native to Southeast Asia.There are many varieties available in banana varying in size, shape and color. The most common type of banana variety is Cavendish which is a type of dessert banana. This type is green in color when unripe and will turn yellowish as it matures. Banana contains good amount of fibre content.Third party image reference

Banana also found be a good source of antioxidants. Banana contains carbohydrates and water in a major value. Proteins and Fats were found in very low scale. Bananas in green color were rich in starch and on getting matured, these starch will turn into sugars such as glucose, fructose and sucrose. Eating unripe bananas would escapes digestion as it contains starch which also acts as soluble fibre. Banana also contains a fibre known as pectin which gives the spongy structural form to it. These things moderate the blood sugar level in our body after taking meals.Third party image reference

It reduces appetite by slowing the emptying of stomach. People with type-2 diabetes should not eat well ripened bananas as they need to control blood sugar level. Presence of pectin and resistant starch would improve digestive health of our body. Eating banana a day will give you many health benefits of which a few were listed above. Never ever eat fot the taste regularly. Eat for the nutrition. Your body health whole lies in your hand.

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