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Two most genuine ways to make money as an individual

Today everyone wants to live lavish and comfortable life. But everyone does not have so much wealth to live a lavish lifestyle. In order to live a lavish lifestyle we need to earn more money. To earn money we do job, freelancing or business. But there are drawbacks in job, freelancing and business. Each and every person does not get job as the requirement is very low compared to number of applications received so candidates may be eliminated from a job requirement due to various reasons like lack of big degree, lack of work experience etc. Even if we get job we have to start with a low salary and to reach a level where we get high salary it would take five to ten years. Hence in a job there is no exponential growth .In freelancing there is no guarantee that we will get project or not. We need to send our proposal to our clients and if our client finds our proposal appropriate then we will get project. In freelancing we are in competition with other freelancers to get project. People also search in the internet for copy paste and data entry jobs and most of the sites that provide these types of job are fake. Hence there is no guarantee that we will have income by freelancing. If we start a business we need to have capital and to get capital we need to borrow money from a person or a financial institution like bank. We have a liability to return the money to our borrower at a particular time. If business does not run well then we are at huge debt. So there is high risk in doing business as well. So there are two genuine ways to earn money as an individual and to apply these ways we only need to have a laptop or mobile phone and internet connection. These money earning ways are as follows:

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YouTube is platform where people upload videos related to a particular topic. We can start our you tube channel with no monetary investment and upload videos related to any topic which we have interest. It is not necessary to upload our self made videos. We can upload videos made by others and are copyright free or have reusable license in YouTube. After getting one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch in our videos we can monetize our channel through YouTube Partner Program. And then we can earn money through affiliate marketing, sponsored ads and crowdsourcing. YouTube is good way to earn money as an individual.

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A blog is website where content related to a particular topic is written on a regular basis. We need to post our articles on our blog on regular basis. After twenty posts have been posted on blog we can monetize our blog through sponsored ads, affiliate marketing and by selling products. There two platforms where we can start a blog one is Blogger and another is WordPress. In WordPress we need to pay for domain and hosting whereas in Blogger we don't need to pay for domain and hosting. As a beginner I would prefer you all to start blog at Blogger after gaining some experience we should start blog on WordPress. Blogger is another good option to earn money as individual.

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