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Best modifications tips for pulsars 200 in budget !

Bajaj Pulsar 200 is one of the most selling sports motorcycle in Indian and with growing popularity there sales increased

Which basically lead to number of motorcycle on road, as a motorcycle enthusiast you will probably want your motorcycle to look unique which stand of the crowd among fellow riders, and as a motorcycle enthusiast you might want to add some more features or parts to look its more appealing and a head Turner on road.

Though modifications depend according to your taste or likes but this all modifications ideas will obviously look good on your motorcycle and that too in budget or pocket friendly.

credit: motoroids.com

1. Exhaust

Stock exhaust are sweet and nice but not enough loud or bass tone as mostly motorcycle manufacturers had to work under government motorcycle vehicles act. So you can change you stock exhaust according to your need "full system exhaust" are loud and may cost more in comparison to slip - on , and both are applicable without much hurdles in Pulsar Ns 200.

2.Hand guard/Lever guard

As pulsar 200 ns is a naked motorcycle in time of mishap its prone to breakage of clutch lever or break lever to safe guard you much install a lever guard or hand guard which work both as safety and style and you also can go for fancy products which are easily available on online.

3. Tail tidy

To enhance the sharp look of the motorcycle most of the rider now a days change their tail segment and add tail tidy which also provides a bulky look to tyres and if you install extra size it will look good at the rear.

4. Sticker/paint job

You can go for both though paint work will cost more than the sticker as added graphic mostly look good on almost all naked motorcycle with compact design it get highlighted better on a naked motorcycle.

5. Tall visor

Though some of the motorcycle come with in built wind visor but it have been see on most of them its short and small which look good but lack wind protection on certain speed. So tall visor both useful and look good in a naked motorcycle.

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