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Pradip Kumar Ray

Radha-Ballav Temple – A travel trip to an unpopular but huge historical interested divine place.

Image Credit : Pradip Kumar Ray

Radha-Ballav Temple is an extremely quiet and tranquil spot. The sanctuary is exceptionally large and there are numerous Divine beings and Goddess icons like Radha-Ballav, Maa Annapurna, master Shiva, Jagannath, Maa Durga, Maa Kali, and so on. It is an exceptionally old sanctuary in Bardhhaman town of Purba Bardhaman district of the state west Bengal in India. The Sanctuary region is exceptionally perfect and clear. The play of Ramayana Kirtan in Bengali is being staged there. Numerous pujas on numerous events are held there with extraordinary ceremony and joy. "Homa-Yagya" is also done here. Climate is also extraordinary and it is an awesome spot for spiritual lovers and tourists. Night-time is the best time to visit here. Every single customary celebration is praised here ritualize. One can discover internal significant serenity here.

Image Credit : Pradip Kumar Ray

Maharaja Tejchand Bahadur assembled the sanctuaries of Sri Shyamsundarjiu, RadhaBollavijiu, and Annapurnajiu. It is situated near Raj School at Kamle Kamini Street, from Netaji Sarni at Nutanganj territory of Bardhhaman in the twelfth century. The design and magnificence of the two sanctuaries are exceptional. Radha and Krishna's objects of worship of white stone were revered at Radha Ballavjiu Sanctuary. Maharaja Tej Bahadur assembled an extension over the stream ‘Banaka’ (Narrow River) to encourage the lovers to come here. Celebrations are held here throughout the entire year on different occasions. The renovation and redesigned work have also completed on both the sanctuaries. In the conventional Hindu religion, there are thirteen ceremonies in a year. Altogether, the appearance of Sri Krishna was in an extremely melancholy, scornful time. Around then, harsh rulers made human life troublesome. At that point Ruler Vishnu was conceived on human government assistance called Srikrishna. Image Credit : Pradip Kumar Ray

Step by step instructions to arrive – Burdwan is around 100 km from Howrah. Suburban, mail, express trains are continually coming. Local, mail, express trains are likewise coming to Bardhaman from Asansol, Durgapur, Rampurhat, Suri, and so on. Transports from Kolkata, Krishnanagar, Navadwip, Purulia, Bankura, Barakar, Asansol, Durgapur, Sainthia, Rampurhat, Arambagh, Katoa, Kalna, and so on are likewise coming to Bardhaman Transport Stand. By town administration transport one may come to Uttarphatak or Rajbari and by strolling from here one may come to Radhaballav Sanctuary. It is close to a large portion of a kilometre strolling good ways from Rajbari or Uttarphatak. One can come here by Toto Rickshaw from the station or transport stand. While showing up from Kolkata or Asansol via train then one can become to here by the assistance of any of the previously mentioned vehicles from the station.Image Credit : Pradip Kumar Ray

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