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17 Year Old Boy Hacked Barack Obama, Bill Gates And Others Twitter Account

Only 17 years old. He has already made his name in the police register twice. This time, former US President Barack Obama has hacked Bill Gates' Twitter and Graham Evan Clarke has made headlines. A few days ago, the Twitter accounts of the world's most influential personalities were hacked. The police's eyes glazed over during the investigation. A 17-year-old teenager is the mastermind of hacking. A total of three people, including two teenagers, have been arrested in connection with the hacking. The incident has raised questions about Twitter's data security. The information security flaw of this microblogging site has come to the fore.

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Graham hacked into the Twitter accounts of celebrities, according to a Florida police report. However, this is not Clark's first notoriety Earlier in April, US intelligence recovered $ 700,000 worth of bitcoins from him. The second person involved in the case is 19-year-old Mason Shepard and the third is Nima Fazeli, 22.

How did this hack happen? According to the security agency, the hackers first hacked the Twitter system ID and password they used from Twitter employees. Then reset the ID passwords of influential people and tweet from there. By doing this, he has collected cryptocurrencies worth 1 lakh 80 thousand US dollars.

Incidentally, on July 16, the Twitter handles of personalities like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Jeff Beazes were hacked. "If anyone sends $ 1,000 to my account in the next half hour, I'll give them $ 2,000," he tweeted. There are only 30 minutes left. ”Soon the investigation began. He came out to dig the earthworm.

As a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is difficult to track and recover if stolen in a scam. “This defendant lives here in Tampa, he committed the crime here, and he’ll be prosecuted here,” Warren said in an online news conference. He added that Florida law gives prosecutors greater flexibility to try a minor as an adult in a financial fraud case.

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