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Top Online Dating Apps for Serious Relationship in 2020

You gotta keep yourself out there, keep yourself out there, okay? So when people ask you, you ask, are you not desperate? Tell them I'm not desperate, but I'm taking action to find this person for me.

So, are you tired of being alone and this year is the year you are going to find the man of your dreams? Have you always considered online dating but you don't really know which app or service to use? In this video, I'll show you two of the most successful online dating services that can take you to serious relationships, not just hookups. And bonus if you stay till the end, I will give you hints and tips on how to treat people around you, well-meaning people who do not agree with you using online services. Now let's start.

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The first app is Match.com. Match.com is a subscription-based online service where you can post your online profile and you can also find others within your location. All is well, I'm going to show you what Match.com looks like for those of you who don't watch it. As I told you, Match.com is a location-based application. So it is finding out where I am currently living. I'm in Japan, so it showed me the Japanese version or the Japanese website. However, I do not understand anything of this, so I just typed us.match.com. So if you want to create your profile, this is the first thing you are going to see, it is going to ask you what you are asking for. So you create the right profile where people notice you and they ask for dates from you and get more information about you once. So download that it will be in the description box of this video and it will really help you. Ok i will try it for free. (Upbeat music) So this is a little trick, if you don't want to sign up yet, you can click search and you can see these people who are currently in Match.com. Next is Iharmony.

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Eharmony is my favorite. It's more expensive than Match.com, but for a reason. So like Match.com, you can sign up for eHarmony for free and try out your system before actually committing to it. And what they do is that when you sign up, they ask you to answer a 15-minute questionnaire about yourself, so that you get to know different aspects of yourself, and they really like it Because they stand up for you. Get to know yourself first. Get to know yourself before you succeed in dating and relationships. And it is true, that is also what I stand for. And once you answer those questions in your profile, in your feed profile, you will see a summary of who you are and what your tendencies are, and that way you can study yourself and some things like But you can improve what you can. You need to improve. Now, within the application, you will only see men who match your personality, your belief system. And unlike Match.com, you can't really search for a specific height or a specific weight or a specific body type, it's not like that, okay. Once you're in the app, you'll find people you like, and when they blink or they see you, you'll be able to send this five questionnaires. One is non-negotiable, so you send a list to this person that both nap at each other, you and this person, you send it and they receive it. Once they receive it, they say, well, I agree, and they will send it back to you. After that, this is the only time you can communicate freeform. This is when you can email each other and give you a number. And that process is something I believe in and it is a great process to filter people who might want to join you. If you are one of those people who are worried about what people can say about them doing the online dating scene and it is embarrassing. People around you will think that you are desperate or like you, why are you paying for this kind of service? I have received those comments, I was told that I do not look desperate, why I am paying $ 200 for a service to find the man of my dreams.

credit: third party image reference

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