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Miss Sakina

7 Foods That Cause Fatigue: It is better not to eat them to stay healthy

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1. Turkey meat:

This protein product includes a special type of protein that has a relaxing effect on the body. It is worth being careful not to eat turkey meat dishes for lunch.

2. Fried foods:

Food that has been similarly processed takes longer to digest than other foods. Therefore, the body's resources are spent on the digestion process and the tone of the body decreases.

3. Premium flour bread:

It contains a lot of fast carbohydrates, which in turn activate the pancreas and promote the release of insulin into the blood. 

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4. Bananas:

Recommended for muscle cramps, as they contain magnesium, which can relieve muscle tension. But this effect is twofold - if it is used excessively, a person may feel weakness, lethargy, and a desire to sleep appears. In some cases, a slowdown in pulse and heart rate is noticed.

5. Milk products:

Seemingly healthy foods, without which it is difficult to imagine a diet: kefir, yogurt, cheese, also contribute to the loss of energy and can cause fatigue. These foods are best absorbed at a young age. But in subsequent years, their digestion becomes a more difficult task for a mature organism; intolerance to milk proteins - lactose and casein - may appear. Such a reaction can be expressed in fatigue.

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6. Energetic drinks:

The cheerfulness after taking such a drink is caused by an increase in blood sugar levels. The heart rate increases, the work of the body is activated, but this action quickly ends and headache and fatigue come to replace.

7. Coffee:

When drinking coffee, caffeine enters the bloodstream, forcing the adrenal glands to produce cortisol and adrenaline. These substances invigorate and energize. With moderate use of the drink, you can get a surge of vigor for a while, while there will be no harm.

Regular frequent use of caffeine leads to a malfunction of the adrenal glands: they stop responding to caffeine. Each time, a larger dose is needed to obtain an invigorating effect. As a result, the body will go from one extreme to another - first, a surge of energy and vigor, then an extreme degree of fatigue.

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