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Must keep these things in mind, while eating papaya!

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Eating fruits is very beneficial for our health, eating fruits keeps us fully fit and healthy. Vitamins, proteins are found in plenty in the fruit, due to its intake, our body is very full of blood deficiency and also Energy is also maintained in our body due to its consumption, our skin starts to glow completely by eating fruits, if you eat fruits in the morning in the morning, then you will get fit as well as your face will glow. Fruits also cater to protein, vitamin deficiency. Therefore, it should be consumed daily. But today we are going to tell you about a fruit whose high intake can affect health.

So let's tell you when to eat papaya and when not.

Risk of miscarriage

It is often said that an abortion woman should not consume papaya, because the abortion causes the woman to be at risk of miscarriage because of this, because the papaya compresses the uterus.

Can affect the throat

Consuming more papaya is not considered good for our health, if you have consumed it much, then you will have to face many diseases, your throat gets affected due to excessive consumption.

When breastfeeding, avoid eating it

Papaya should not be consumed even after delivery. It is because papaya contains a toxic substance called Papain which is harmful for a young child, therefore it should not be eaten.

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