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Top 15 Interesting Facts about Dallas

credit: third party image reference

1. The city of Dallas, Texas has lost every single one of 82 court cases against the same man, Robert Groden, over several decades.

2. In Nov.1963, a fake-news flyer was distributed in Dallas days before JFK’s assassination in revenge for the JFK administration prosecuting a Hatch Act violation.

3. During the 2016 Dallas police shooting, officers used a bomb disposal robot armed with C4 to kill the shooter, which is the first time in history American police have delivered lethal force via an unmanned vehicle.

4. In 2014, Dallas Police were engaged in a six-hour standoff with an empty apartment.

5. A team of Material Scientists at the University of Texas at Dallas have developed artificial muscle that is 100X stronger than organic muscle and is constructed out of ordinary fishing line.

6. 7-Eleven started in Dallas, TX; has gone bankrupt twice, and is now a Japanese company.

7. There is a restaurant in Dallas that has no set location, no set menu, no set prices and can only be visited by registering for an anonymous e-mail which goes out one week before you’re expected to attend for dinner.

8. In Dallas on Elm street where JFK was shot, there are X’s on the street to signify where he was hit.

9. Love Field in Dallas once had a roller disco, movie theaters and an ice skating rink in its terminal.

10. The Kirby’s Pig Stand, in Dallas, Texas, was the first drive-in restaurant in the U.S. and revolutionized the food industry.

11. Dallas, TX record high temperature and record low temperature both occurred in 1980.

12. The frozen margarita was invented in Dallas, Texas in 1971.

13. The Dallas Safari Club sold a $350,000 hunting permit for the critically endangered and heavily poached black rhino as a way to raise money for the conservation of that same rhino species.

14. The world’s largest predominantly gay church is located in Dallas.

15. A church in Dallas spent over $4 Million on an Aquarium.

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