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How to make people like you instantly in 90 seconds or less !!!

Please like and follow the article and share it with your friends if you really like it. So today my article revolves around a most important topic in human relation that is how can you make anybody like you instantly. So I will discuss few points that can help you to be a likeable person in 90 seconds or less. So first point will be

a) Try to copy the person you are with :- This is also called as a mirroring effect where you mimick the behaviour of the other person and follow their gestures and through this way you can be instanly likeable to him/her as they will feel you are like them and they can share their thoughts easily with you without any hesitation and when they start sharing their thoughts they will feel themselves closer to you and you will become a likeable person instantly.

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b) Ask questions :- If you need something and you ask him/her about their advice then they will show a great desire to share their thoughts as well and whenever you seek for answers to a person in the field in which he/she is good at, they will definitely help you with eagerness as everybody likes giving advice and you will be able to know the things which you both have in common and by taking genuine interest in the other person you can be instantly likeable. So always try to show genuine interest in the other person by asking right questions as they can easily find it out if you are doing flattery or show off so you should be genuine.

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c) Smile and compliment :- This is one of the easiest and a surest trick to make someone instantly like you in 10 seconds. By smiling it becomes a soul to soul connection with the other person and the other person feels comfortable to be with you and will start liking you. By doing this you will quickly understand their nature as he/she will start revealing about their story about the situation where they are in and how he/she reached there without even asking as they will find you safe and comfortable to tell about themselves when you smile. Here half of your problems are resolved, you will get to know their nature, likes and dislikes, hobbies and interest areas without even asking so it's very simple and easy to apply technique to make anybody instantly like you. If you compliment them for their work and along with that if you smile it's a one for one bonus for you to be a likeable person in few seconds as in today's world everybody starts judging you the moment you start meeting new friends so if you smile and compliment them for their achievements then you will not only make yourself likeable rather you can become a good friend too.

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