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From Briefcase To Bahi Khata To iPad: Budget 2021 Goes Digital; Read Here

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For decades we saw the Finance Minister arrive at the Parliament with a leather briefcase that contained where the rupee will come from and where it will go. This British legacy was broken during PM Modi leadership in 2019 after India’s first full-time female Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman arrived with a ‘Bahi Khata’ wrapped in a red cloth tied with a gold string. The Indian national emblem shone brightly on it.

credit: third party image reference

The word Budget has been derived from the French term bougette which means a briefcase. The old British tradition of opening the budget copies and presenting all the financial plans of the government had originated during the 1860s. Eventually, it trickled over to post-colonial India. This time, however, the budget has gone digital.

credit: third party image reference

While leaving from the Ministry of Finance this morning, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman posed with a tablet, perhaps an iPad, wrapped in a red cover with the Emblem shining brightly on it. Because of the ongoing health epidemic, the contagious flu which spreads quickly with the virus staying on the surface for a long time, the budget this year will be available in digital copies. credit: third party image reference

The soft copies of the entire budget will be published online for all citizens to read.

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