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How to make your Kids Interested in Cooking

Cooking with children can be extraordinary fun, if just your children really accepted this to be valid! 

With endless interruptions accessible to kids nowadays, it is here and there difficult to persuade them that getting in the kitchen for some cooking fun can be similarly as agreeable as playing a PC game. 

My long term old child would prefer to play on the PC making pizza after pizza in a virtual bistro as opposed to make a genuine one. So I had a consider how I could temp him into the kitchen to give him that cooking can be pleasant, and that investing energy with me was similarly as fun as playing a PC game. 

Realizing the amount he appreciates playing on two certain sites made for kids, the names of which I am not permitted to make reference to here as it would be viewed as publicizing, I recommended we make our own baked good forms of the games total with all his number one characters. The additional fascination being that we could reproduce these animals in 3D, at that point inevitably eat them! 

Here is my basic short outside cake formula so you can have a go as well. 

200g plain flour, 

spot of salt 

100g unsalted margarine, cubed 

Filter the flour and salt into a bowl and work in the margarine with your fingertips until it looks like fine morsels. 

Blend in two tablespoons of cold water and mix with a wooden spoon until it bunches together - include more water if it's dry a drop at a time. 

Gently flour a work surface and tip out the cake. Work tenderly until you have a smooth batter. 

Presently you can sever little pieces and let your kid structure them into their #1 characters. 

My child especially prefers making penguins, so we split the baked good into around 8 pieces and include a drop or two of food shading to each piece so we can make diverse hued penguins. 

credit: third party image reference

Here is a delicious stunt in the event that you have a serious thick or enormous character produced using baked good, and you are concerned the middle won't cook through appropriately in the stove. 

Dig out the gut of your cake character and load up with a touch of chocolate spread, jam, or stuff in a few small scale marshmallows, at that point seal over the gap however crushing the baked good back together. 

When cooked, you have adorable characters with a gooey shock in the center. 

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