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This Game Defeated 'PUBG' And Become No 1 Game; Know List Here

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PUBG Mobile is the fourth popular game

Last year, PUBG Mobile was downloaded only 175 million times. After the India and China border dispute, the direct impact of the PUBG Mobile App banned in India has been seen here. However, the company is trying its best to relaunch (PUBG Mobile Relaunch) in India again. But right now there is no silver lining.

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Garena Free Fire is the third most popular game

The Garena Free Fire game, though, is a pub-style war game. But its shocking thing is that Garena Free Fire is being liked more than PUBG in the world. In 2020, this game was downloaded 21.8 million times.

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Subway Surfers is in second place

The strange thing is that the PUBG game has not even got this rank. Subway Surfers in Denmark is ranked second in the list of best games. This game has been downloaded 227 million times worldwide.

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'Among Us' became the world's number one game

The name may be new to you. But Among Us has now become the most popular game in the world. Apptopia has said in its report that Among Us has been the most popular game of 2020. Last year, it was downloaded about 26.4 million times. In the US alone, about 4.1 crore people downloaded this game.

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PUBG Mobile is not the most popular game

Yes, it is true that now PUBG Mobile is no longer the most played game in the world. PUBG Mobile has lagged behind the list of most popular games in the year 2020. Apptopia has revealed in its new report that many other games have surpassed PUBG Mobile in terms of downloads and earnings.

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