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Make your own make-up products in this lockdown with the things available in your kitchen

Hello guys, yes you can make your own make-up products at home with the things available in your kitchen, during this lockdown it's hard to get the products from market so I have brought to you this simple tricks to make your own products, so without wasting our much time let's see how we can make our make-up products.

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  1. Regular face powder: to make regular face powder take the spoon corn flour, 1/4 spoon turmeric powder and coco powder or coffee powder 1/2 spoon you can adjust it according to your skin tone mix them and store in airtight container your face powder is ready.
  2. Kajal and eyeliner: here i am making kajal as well as eyeliner in one itself. To make this you need Kapoor which we usually use in Pooja or if you have ayurvedic one it's good enough, take a plate and 3 katori place the katori in such a manner that we can place the plate on top of it and beneath the plate in one more katori put Kapoor and burn it, the carbon comes on the plate is your dry kajal powder, kajal powder ke even made of almonds and other things too but i usually prefer to do with Kapoor, if you don't want all this and you want to go in shortcut then you can use charcoal power, to make it's gel take a bowl and add bees wax if bees wax is not available then you can use candle wax about 2 spoons, now add 1/2 spoon coconut oil and then add 1 spoon dry kajal powder or charcoal power into it. Now melt it on double boiler by keeping a pan with water then when water boils place this bowl on it and let it melt, after it melts take it down and mix it well your kajal eyeliner is ready store it in the container.
  3. Beauty Cream: 2 to 3 spoons of your normal moisturizer now add 1/2 spoon of corn flour, 1/2 spoon coco powder or coffee powder 1/4 spoon of turmeric powder mix them well your beauty cream is ready, you can adjust the quantity of coco powder according to your skin tone.
  4. Blush powder: to make blush powder take 1 spoon corn flour and 1/2 spoon beetroot power, if you have rose or hibiscus powder you can replace it with beetroot powder mix it and store in the airtight container.
  5. Lipbalm: to make the lipbalm take beetroot juice about 1/2 cup boil it untill it gets thick then in a bowl take this beetroot juice and add bees wax or candle wax 2 spoon add 1/2 spoon glycerine (it's optional) 1/2 spoon corn flour mix them and store in airtight container.

This are some regular products which we need on daily basis hope you guys like it.

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