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Today In History: 60 Years Ago, A Chimpanzee Travelled To Space, Know In Detail

credit: third party image reference

Among the various monkey species, chimpanzees are considered to be closest to humans. One such story is of a chimpanzee named Ham. Who made history to this day. A chimpanzee named Haim was the first animal to travel to space. Only after that man's journey towards space became easy. Ham was sent into space today, 31 January 1961. The purpose of this mission was to find out what kind of effects humans have in space.

credit: third party image reference

Ham was found in the forests of Cameroon. He was captured and taken to Florida. Where he was protected at the Miami Rare Bird firm. In 1959, Hamm was sent to the Air Force Base to train in space. Ham was also identified as # 65 (hashtag 65) and Chang. credit: third party image reference

After 18 months of training, Ham agreed to go into space. He was brought to the launch pad. The ham was to be sent under Project Mercury (MR-2). The launchpad was on the island of Florida. The ham was loaded into the container and sent to space.

credit: third party image reference

Ham had reached space 16:30 minutes after the flight. He flew to a height of 157 km at a speed of 5800 km. While returning to Earth, Hamm's capsule fell 130 km into the Atlantic Ocean. He was sent to rescue a ship on the spot. Then it was removed from the capsule. credit: third party image reference

After his return from space, Hamm was placed in the National Zoo in Washington in 1963. After this, the bird from North Carolina was sent home. He died on 18 January. This was an experiment. After this, humans were sent to space. When Chang returned to Earth, he was recognized as Ham.

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