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The logic of studying logistics today

 As time goes on new new career areas will emerge. Logistics is one of such important careers with the growth of the industrial, commercial and service sectors.

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  What is logistics

 Supplychain is the process of delivering a location or service from the point of production to the customer. Logistics is defined as the management of a supply chain.

 For example, consider the case of fruits. In the past, it was a simple process for the produce produced on the farm in the village to reach the market and for the consumer to buy from there. But this is not the case today. Think about how many barriers there are when we buy fruits produced abroad or in distant states from a shop in our country. It is a very long process of procurement, procurement, port transporting, port handling, shipping, import and warehousing in India, transfer to wholesalers and retailers and marketing.

 It is a time when millions of products and services are traveling from one corner of the world to another. Therefore, the future of the logistics career is bright.

 What to learn

 Logistics is a management career. Therefore, MBA with specialization in Logistics Study is the most appropriate.

 Postgraduate Diploma and Diploma Certificate Courses of the best institutes can also be considered.

 Not to mention the job potential based on what you have studied and in what institution you have studied ?

 Learning Centers

 Many of the top management institutes have included Logistics as an optional subject for MBA.

 Those who want a career in logistics should make sure that the logistics specialization is available at the institution seeking admission when preparing for an MBA.

 The National Center of Excellence for Logistics and Supply Chain, established in 2004 under the auspices of the Confederation of Indian Industry, is one of the best institutions. From Certificate Course in Logistics and Supply Chain to PG Diploma. The company is based in Chennai. Opportunity for distance learning.

 The institute offers courses for students from Class X to MBA graduates.

 Logistics can also be taken as an optional subject in the two-year Masters course conducted by the Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune.

 Institute of Business Studies and Management, Mumbai, K.J. There are also study opportunities at the Somaiya Institute of Management.

 Logistics and Supply Chain Management are optional subjects for MBA at DC Institute of Management, Kuttikkanam, Kerala. Admission is through Management Aptitude Test conducted by All India Management Association.

 Graduates can apply.

 Candidates who have opted Department of Management, University of Kozhikode and Logistics can pursue MBA. There is also an opportunity to study at the Farooq School of Management in Kozhikode itself.

 One of the leading institutes in this field is the Indian Maritime University. Studies in Logistics are available at the University's centers in China, Kochi and Kolkata.

 The basic qualification is a degree. 50% marks are required.

 Admission is based on online test, group discussion and interview.

  Personal traits

 The goal of a logistics career is to deliver the right product at the right place at the right time and at the lowest cost. Therefore, those who want to study and work in this field should have the right personal qualities for such a management.

 The ability to think independently, to make decisions and to act is essential. Responsibility, organizational skills, communication skills, diplomacy, ability to listen and evaluate opinions, confidence, impartiality and technical knowledge are also personal qualities required for this career.

 Job Opportunity

 India's logistics market is valued at over $ 100 million. It has a growth rate of 20%. More than 4.5 crore people are working in this connection. Those who complete their studies from the best institution have the best job opportunities.

 Logistics is a great field for those who want to become entrepreneurs.

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