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Pradip Kumar Ray

The Impure Mind is the Root Cause of all Diseases

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Who won the world? Who won the mind? The world can be conquered only by conquering the mind because the mind is responsible for bondage and salvation. The cause of all diseases is said to be the impure mind considering the root of all the sins - the person whose mind deteriorates, his nature also worsens. Ayurveda has not considered germs as the root cause of diseases, but due to psychosis, germs of disease have arisen.Within fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, the seed or sprout of all diseases are hidden within raga-malice. Melody, hatred, attachment are made by human beings, they only cause sorrow, bind them. Just as a silkworm is made of silk and tied in it, it gets stuck in it and dies; In the same way, man has weaved his raga, the web of malice and a human tied to him is born again and again in this world.  Image Credit : Google

The meaning of Manas disease is Kama, anger, greed, fascination, item, matter, ego, anxiety, attachment, Mamta, intolerance, impatience, incontinence, and maladies of mental illness (mental illness). The condition of those who get these diseases becomes disheveled and they lead a man to downgrade. Although Goswami Tulsidas has given a long list of mental diseases, there are only three main among them which are lust, anger, and greed.

Goswamiji has called the Kama as a veteran, greed for Kapha and anger as a biliary disease. Vata, phlegm, and bile have an important place in the structure of the body. When they remain in the same state, the body remains healthy, but as soon as they become uneven, the body becomes the home of diseases, when all three become enraged, it becomes typhus. 

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In the Uttarakhand of Shri Ramcharitmanas, Srikakabhushundiji says to Garudji - All sues are from attachment. In the Gita, God has said that they originate from Rajoguna. There is great glory in the world of the various vices of the inner soul.According to the scriptures, both people and the world are created by following it. Without it, the Creator cannot walk, but a person is a victim of sorrow by indefinitely taking a job. The second meaning of work is desirable. There is no end to human desires. Contentment is the only solution to its peace.

Greed - Just as greed does not pass in mental illness. A greedy person becomes as beautiful as white leprosy destroys the beauty of the body.

Anger - anger is called bile in psyche diseases. Angry bile always burns the chest. Man's ooze is destroyed by anger. As the anger of the anger worsens, his intelligence and strength also begin to wane. Anger can only be won peacefully.

Mamta - In diseases of the mind, Mamta has been called herpes. There is pleasure in scratching herpes first and then pain. Similarly, in Mamta, there is a lot of sorrow in the mind when there is happiness in the attainment of something, but in the absence of it (when it is disconnected)

Jealousy - A person in jealousy wishes that no person other than him gets any credit for any act. The jealousy should leave the jealousy but jealousy never leaves them. Bile increases in a jealous man; Due to this, his intellect and heartburn with the acid of gall and his sharp and conscience are destroyed. Increased jealousy causes pain in the human stomach. Due to jealousy, a person suffers from diseases like gall, stones, burning sensation, and liver failure.

Malice - Malice means getting false complacency by blaspheming others. The malice inside man is born out of inferiority and dissatisfaction with his position. Out of spite and hatred of hatred are born.

Matter - jealousy in the mind of seeing others' wealth and respect, And to curse oneself and to suffer from inferiority complex is called matter. Burning is tuberculosis after seeing foreign happiness. Just as tuberculosis does not go away quickly, the wicked people always keep burning after seeing the happiness of others.The maliciousness of mind - Maliciousness of mind is similar to leprosy. Just as leprosy does not allow anyone to sit next to them, similarly a devious person (a tricker, a trickster) gets condemned in society.

Ego - Ego is very similar to the disease that causes very sad dumrua (gulag, goiter). The way a person walks with a high throat when he has tuberculosis; similarly, the egoistic person swings his head high in his false ego.

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Trishna - The desire to receive indulgences is called Krishna, which never fades, buy increases day by day. Trishna is compared to ascites disease. In this disease, the stomach of a human becomes flat like a drummer, due to which he has to suffer a lot. In the same way, due to craving, man's stomach is consumed in the same way, due to increasing craving, the stomach of a person never fills with enjoyment and it is always disturbed.Son, wealth and honor in the world - these are called 'Trivedi Aeshana' (Three types of Trishna). A person suffering from Trivedi Akshana, having lost his conscience, is busy trying to achieve it by getting rootless.  Image Credit : Google

Arrogance, pride - In arrogance or pride, a person considers him big and despised others. Pride is the king of man's fortifications. It is a magnet attracting all defects and diseases.

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