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Avoiding diseases in the changing seasons

Take care of the cold, cold, fever and sore throat in the changing season, know these special tips

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 Why health is bad in the changing season: -

                 When we go from summer to winter such as the weather between October to November, the effect of father and Algeri increases in it, the change between the weather is what we call in Hindi (past pact). We should take special care of eating and eating such things in such a season, due to which the heat in our stomach should be increased by consuming more green vegetables and fruits in such a big weather, due to which the amity power remains in our body and We are healthy

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 Diseases caused by changing weather: -

                  And in this changing season, many types of allergies occur in our body, there are other diseases related to the nose, throat and lungs such as C's, sore throat, asthma attack, viral fever, and skin diseases. Goes like itching, eczema, rash and stomach diseases like constipation, acidity etc.

 So in the changing season we get this type of disease

 Ayurveda remedies to get rid of these diseases

 1 must be fully dressed

 You should drink ginger in water.

 2 Take half a teaspoon of Chambal Plus with milk in the morning to increase strength and immunity power.

 3 Basil leaves, people, ginger jaggery, boil it in half a glass of water, take it 2 or 3 times a day.

 4 Take a teaspoon of fresh attack juice and honey mixed daily.

 5 Basil, ginger, black pepper, good and make a decoction of these things and drink it in the morning and evening, you will get benefit.

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 If you follow the above tips, you will be able to avoid the diseases of the changing season, in the changing season, most of the Bavaria spreads due to mosquito bites, put on full clothes and avoid diseases

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