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Preserving Herbs and Flowers With Stems

On the off chance that you have a guard yield of spices or blossoms, drying them is an extraordinary method to save them. They likewise make extraordinary presents for loved ones. 

Spices and blossoms that we use on stems like rosemary and lavender can be dried in bundles. These bundles may take somewhat longer to turn out to be totally dry, however utilizing this strategy assists with protecting the first flavors and aromas of your #1 plants. 

Start by cutting the stems close to the foundation of the plant, ensuring that they are as far as might be feasible. Wash them cautiously in chilly water with the goal that you don't knock off any leaves or petals. Next, delicately wipe them off. Presently you need to get together your stems and tie them together in packs with yarn or lace. Do this by first spreading out your strip and putting the stems set up individually. Pull up your strip and cozy it up around your pack. At that point, fold it over multiple times to ensure everything is secure and tie it off. Your spice packs will be hung topsy turvy so make certain to leave a circle to hang them from. 

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These rose or spice packs can be hung in your kitchens from a snare in the roof. They can likewise be hung in an encased patio zone or sun room. Keep in mind, you can't wash them after they are dry so it is essential to dry them in a territory that is liberated from bugs and flotsam and jetsam. Letting them dry is the best part on the grounds that while they are drying, they can make the region smell truly pleasant. The drying cycle could take anyplace from a couple of days to up to seven days, contingent upon the climate they are dried in. Never attempt to dry spices outside or on a yard in cool winter months, they could freeze and turn spongy when they defrost. 

To plan spices for capacity, you will require a couple if kitchen scissors. You have two or three options when chopping them down to a more modest size. The main technique is to cut the verdant aspect of the stems into more limited one to two inch lengths and keep them in a plastic compartment. Make certain to utilize a compartment with a cozy fitting cover to help keep them new. The other technique is to either eliminate the dry leaves from the stem or cut the tops into minuscule pieces that can be placed into a flavor container.

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