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Ananya P

Immense Benefits Of Beetroot And Carrot Juice

People now-a-days are getting very concerned about their health specially about their skin and hair. Due to the work schedules, do not get enough time to care for our body. And the rising pollution, improper food habits keep detoriating the health much more. So in such times we need a quick yet effective solution that will work wonder

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Just a bit of juicing and we are done. All we need to do is drink a glass of beetroot and carrot juice daily on an empty stomach.

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Beetroots and carrots are superfood for skin and overall health of our body. Loaded with numerous antioxidants and phyto-nutrients these colourful veggies have great anti-inflammatory properties, help in proper blood circulation, maintenance of pH level, proper and healthy hair growth, skin glow and much more...

Beetroots also known as beet or chukarkand(in Hindi) are important source of fiber, vitamin B9, potassium, iron etc. These are more beneficial due to the presence of high amount of inorganic nitrates which help in proper brain functioning. Carrots added to the beetroot juice doubles the benefits of the juice and help in boosting our metabolism. It Contains ample amount of fiber that helps in fighting constipation and also maintains liver health. In addition, beetroot and carrot juice if consumed daily in an empty stomach in the morning provides an ultimate power pack for our skin and hair. Beetroots are known to revitalize our skin from inside out and provide the natural plump apnd glow to our skin as the betaine in beetroots and beta-carotene in carrots repair up the damaged cells of the body.

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Following are the steps to be followed:

1. Take one beetroot and one carrot.

2. Wash and peel them. Chop it into small chunks or grate them for more easy juicing.

3. Add some water(150ml) or more if needed.

4. Grind them very nicely and strain the mixture very nicely.

5. Enjoy the juice.

Note: The left over of the veggies remaining after straining can be used as a mild face and body face scrub.

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