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Abhijith M A

Which is better Theatre or OTT release?

The new normal has changed the daily routine and habits of the whole world. Masks and sanitizers which were close to the health workers are now part of every individual. This new life has affected the whole planet which includes one of the favourite entertainment platforms, MOVIES.credit: third party image reference

It’s quite normal to watch new series and also the movies which left theatres in our personal device through online streaming. But it will be a surprise to hear the movies are about to be released on our mobile. In this life of a pandemic surrounded environment it won’t be a shock to hear that because nothing is going normal now. Already a debate has started in social media whether it’s a good option to release movies in online platforms without being released in theatres. When we look into the answers of movie lovers definitely it will be a no. Their opinion cannot be criticized as they miss their favourite actors on the big screen with a great visual and sound quality. Nothing can beat the effectiveness of theatre experience but everyone is conscious about the higher rate virus transmission in this air-conditioned space. So, the real questions are can they wait until a day without a new normal? Can they risk their life for a 2-hour experience? Still their answers will be a big NO. Here comes the necessity of an alternate option, OTT (Over-the-top) media service. credit: third party image reference

It’s true that it can’t be a replacement for theatres. But we should be fair enough to the new normal which changed every basic thing, habits, rules, regulations and various procedures that run this whole world. More than that we should be fair to the people who always helped us all these years entertaining us, the people who are dependent on film industry and that list starts from a daily waged junior artist to prodigious producer. Their livelihood is on hiatus now. For resuming they need an alternate solution and obviously it’s OTT release.credit: third party image reference

But there are many out there who are actually taking advantage of the situation. Major OTT platforms which include Netflix, Amazon prime release the movies and in no time, these movies are available to the various sites and applications from where anyone can download it for free. One part of society is thriving to get cent percent experience from the movies and the other part is busy in demolishing the essence of cinema.

There is no one here who hates entertainment. There is no pandemic that lasts forever. Always say no to piracy. As a movie lover we will be back in theatres enjoying the real spirit of movies.

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