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Pradip Kumar Ray

Identify the people who are the most lovable and respectful to you.

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The psychology teacher entered the class and said: — Don't study today. Everyone is very happy. The teacher went to the middle of the class and sat down on a bench. It's raining outside, an atmosphere of great storytelling. There is no pressure for students to study as well. The teacher very earnestly said to the girl next door: — Mother, are you married? The girl was a little embarrassed and told that she has also a two-year-old son. The teacher jumped up and stood up. He told with a smile that we will try to understand the name of one of our closest people today. After that, he told to the girl that she will be the teacher now and advised to take the Chuck-Duster and write the names of ten of her favorite people. The girl went on board and wrote the names of ten people. The teacher said: — who are these? Write their identity on the right. The girl wrote down their identity. The girl writes their identity on the right side, and it is found there is the name of neighbors, friends and near relatives.Image Credit: Google

After that, the teacher asked to delete five people from the list. The names of her neighbors and classmates were erased by the girl. At this time the teacher smiled a little and asked to delete the other three names. The girl was a little worried. Other students in the class have taken this topic seriously. The teacher is watching carefully how the girl's psychology works. The girl's hand trembled; she slowly erased her best friend's name. Dad and mom's name was deleted. Now the girl is crying in a ritual. At this crucial juncture, the fun disappears from the class. There are two others on the list and those are her husband and child. The teacher said this time to erase another person's name. But the girl stood there. She can't delete anyone's name, the teacher said: — Mom, this is a game. It is a game of psychology. I have just asked you to delete the names of the loved ones. I did not say to kill one of them. The young lady took with grief sorrow erase her youngster's name. The educator moved toward the young lady, removed a blessing from her pocket and stated: — I'm upset for the tempest that went at the forefront of your thoughts. There are ten presents right now for all your friends and family. Image Credit: Google

Presently disclose to me why you erased different names. The young lady stated: — I erased the names of companions and neighbors, yet the closest companion and family stayed with me. Afterward, when I was solicited to erase the names from three more, I erased the name of my Best Friend and my parents, imagining that my parents would not be there forever, and consider the possibility that I didn't have the closest companion. My son and his father are best friends to me. But at the end of all, when I was asked to delete one of these two, I could not decide anymore, and I thought that if the boy grew up one day he could leave me. But the boy's father will never leave me. That is the soul of your spouse.

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Moral- Love & respect him because he is the one who will be with you in the end.

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