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Best Multipurpose Inkjet Printer under 3000 Ruppees

Printers are of various types including laser printer, inkjet printer, 3D printer and others as well.Inkjet printers are best for personal use, office use and also for small home bussiness. Inkjet printers are ink efficient that they can even print 100 to 120 pages with just 3 millilitres of ink, a fresh new ink cartridge can print upto 100 pages and can be refilled to use later. An inkjet printer is so accurate that it can print dots small as the width of human hair.

What is best budget friendly.

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The best cost friendly HP printer series is HP 2300 series.

HP 2300 series is budget friendly and is perfect for home. The two most popular printer in this budget series is HP 2331 all in one deskjet inkjet printer and HP 2332 all in one deskjet inkjet printer. They are basically same all in one printer, same functionality but they have different colour. The cost of HP 2331 deskjet printer is 2899INR and the cost of HP 2332 deskjet printer is 3099INR, you can also use coupon or some offers to get discount.

What i use.

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HP 2332 All in one deskjet printer. It supports A4 and all other formats including photo paper. It can print, copy and scan. It is wired and is operated by a computer using USB only and is functional without a computer also, you can photo copy or xerox using it easily. It comes with HP 805 ink cartridge both colour and black. If you want to buy new cartridge you can buy both in less than 1500INR or you can refill them with ink bottles using syringes. Just install HP Smart app on you windows or mac and do anything with this cost and ick efficient printer.

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