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Windows Task manager! Uses of Task manager & 4 ways to open this.

Task manager & why it is important for every computer user;

I think you all know about the Windows Task manager but if you don't know, Task Manager is a program that can monitor every program running in the system. The Task Manager shows detailed information of system applications, which program currently running in the system, how & which programs are running.

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You can manage all the programs that are running in the system in one place but also it plays an important role in disabling virus & suspicious programs in your device through Task Manager. So without your unknown, it plays the most important role in the system.

Uses of Task manager

Most people don't know what are the uses of Task Manager & how to use it. If you are a student or you thinking about computer courses you must need to know about Task Manager. If you are using the laptop or other device in your home you must have a knee tech-knowledge about it.

  • Using Task Manager you can forcefully close any software. This is very effective while any software hanging on the device & you can't close it normally.
  • You can check your live device performance & how currently your processor working on which program.
  • You can enable, disable & check the status of CPU, RAM, Disk performance & used space, Ethernet, Wi-Fi & other connectivity.
  • You can run the various task & track their performance by Task Manager in one place.
  • If you select any memory in Task Manager then press F5 to kill all pending tasks in the device.

4 ways to open Task Manager

Pressing the following short-cuts you can open Task Manager on your Windows machine.

  • Right-click on the Taskbar > you can see the Task Manager option
  • Open Task manager by command: press Windows button+R to open the command prompt > type "taskmgr."

I hope these short-cuts are helpful for you.

Thank you.

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