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Truth behind your WhatsApp messages and data ?

How you keep your private data safe. This question must have crossed your mind as well these WhatsApp chats leaked ? Are 
These messages that you write on WhatsApp safe ? Can someone else read them? It is claimed that they are end to end encrypted. What does that mean .how can they get leaked? And how can you keep them safe and private ? 
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The  WhatsApp messages that you send are said to be end to end encrypted what does that mean? broadly encryption means converting any information into a secret code which cannot be deciphered when read literally. That is writing in a secret language to encrypt it. End to end encryption means that if you send a WhatsApp message to your friend then no one apart from you and your friend can and read the message. Obviously as long as you have showed your phone to third party e aur version if you keep your phone with yourself and show it to no one else. then no one apart from you both can read the message.for comparison SMS is not end to end encrypted when you send an SMS from one phone to another it goes through Telecom operator. Telecom like Airtel and jio can access your message if they so wish to.in fact even if the government wants it is possible for it to access and understand who wrote, what and when. Like that another example Gmail was also not end to end encrypted. 
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That's the thing how WhatsApp secure your data. WhatsApp also did not read your messages if they are end to end encrypted.
There was also loopholes in WhatsApp.
Like when you are in WhatsApp group in that group they are more than 2 admin. In groups there is one option invite friends. WhatsApp sender link to your friend to whom which you want to send it. That link is also a way to hack your WhatsApp account.

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