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Here are some facts about Harbin Snow creations that are fantastic.

The northeastern Chinese city of Harbin has a worldwide reputation. The reason for its fame is the festival of ice masterpieces held in it. The festival is attended by thousands of artists and workers.

Ice city

Every year in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin, artists create a new city out of ice. These pieces of art are your own example. Each year, the International Ice Festival begins on January 5. Artists complete their ice creations around Christmas.

Snow masterpiece in completion stage

Artists participating in the Harbin Festival have finalized their creations. These creations can also be viewed from the frozen Songhua River. At night, the temperature in the city reaches minus forty degrees Celsius. Throughout the day, the temperature stays at minus ten degrees Celsius.

Artistic with hands but with caution

The artists block the ice block using electric saws as per their requirement. Extreme care is taken in this whole process. Various tools are also used to create masterpieces from ice.

Creation of an ice masterpiece

Water is used as a spice or mortar to cut and join frozen ice blocks. Only water is needed to close any cracks or joints or holes.

Support by support

About 12,000 workers are engaged in snowmobiles for Harbin's snow masterpieces. According to the organizers, a new small town has to be built to prepare for the festival so that thousands of people can settle in it. These people come from near and far.

Adequate rest break

Thousands of people who work all day in the snow also need rest to keep fit and strong. For this purpose, hot food and tea and coffee are stored in plastic tents. These tents are set up outside the festival site.

Snowy silence

A large statue of Buddha is not touched during the preparations for the Harbin Festival, this year's festival will be somewhat quiet as the Corona epidemic will reduce the number of international tourists. Most of the domestic tourists are likely to attend the festival.

The tradition of snow carving

The Harbin Festival was first held in 1985. However, there is an ancient tradition of snow-making in China. Snow carving dates back to the 17th century.

Fire and snow

In this festival, various forms of fire-breathing Chinese dragons are created by carving snow. This dragon is an important metaphor for Chinese culture and history. An area equal to the same football fields is allocated for this festival.

High snow masterpiece

The Harbin Festival is, of course, its own example, there are no two opinions. Each of its small and large specimens is considered a unique color and admirable example of artistry. Many specimens are up to 50 meters high.

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