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Pradip Kumar Ray

Indian Bengali Talented Novelist & Short Story Writer # Prativa Basu

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She left her husband's hand and was entered in the forest of writing alone. The little book named "Mahabjarter Maharanye was released in 1997 , which was different from his novel like ' Alo amar Alo ', ' Pathe holo Deri ' or ' Atal Jaler Ahwaban '. This is an Indian Bengali novelist, Short Story writer and Article writer who is known as Prativa Basu. Pravita Basu was born on March 13, 1915. Her Father's name was Ashish Som and his mother's name was Sarayūbālā Som. Before marriage, she was known as Ranu Som.In his family, she was the wife of witty poet, literary and intellectual BuddhaDeb Basu.

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Pratibha Basu was first known as a singer in her youth. She was taught songs by Dilip Kumar Roy, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Himanshu Dutta, and Rabindranath Tagore. Several songs was released by her name RENU SOM.Her first recorded song on a rural disc was released when she was 12 years old. She was engaged in the world of music till the year of 1940. After her marriage, she decide to left the music world and moved to the world of literature. Most of the books of Pratibha Basu was commercially successful. Several of her novels were filmed and got great success.

She started writing as well as singing. She won a gold medal from Calcutta University for her unique contribution to the Bengali language. She was also awarded the Anand Award for his special contribution to literature. The first short story of Prativa Basu was published in 1942. The first novel was published in 1944. She wrote more than hundreds of books, including novels, short stories, articles, and child lessons. She also used to edit two Magazines named ‘Short Story’ and ‘Baisakhi’.

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Her  noted composition is:--

Novel ----------- 'Monolina' (1944), 'Setu Bandh' (1947), 'Madhya Rater Tara', 'Moner Mayur' (1952), 'Bibahita Stree' (1954), 'Megher Pare Megh' (1958), 'Madhya Rater Tara (1958), 'Samudra Hriday' (1959), 'Bone Jadi Futlo Kusum' (1961), Samudra Perie (1975), etc

Short Story -------------- 'Madhabir Jnz' (1942), 'Bichitra Hriday' (1946), 'Prativa Basur Shrestha Galpathe' etc. Articles --------- 'Mahabharater Maharanye'. On 13 th October 2006, this Bengali writer and singer died in Kolkata at the age of 91. This is a gratitude to her on her death day. 

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