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Half of the world's population will be overweight by 2050

By 2050, half of the world's population will be overweight. The reason for this would be unhealthy food i.e. food that does not get nutrients and damages the body. Not only this, 150 million people around the world will be struggling with obesity due to such food. After 30 years, the weight of 500 million people will be less than the average. They must be fighting hunger and hardship.

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Scientists in Germany have made this estimate based on the food habits of the people. Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, which does the research, says, "If the food is presently similar to that of the people, if it continues like this, then there will be a huge shortage of nutrients in the next 30 years.

5 Points: How the trend of eating unhealthy food started

  1. Scientists say that gradually from 1965, the world catering began to change. The food included processed food, high protein non-veg, high sugar foods and carbohydrates.
  2. Overtime there were many experiments on food. Instead of growing new food items, the focus shifted to manufacturing.
  3. Gradually due to the process of preparing processed food, this food started getting available at cheaper rates and due to increasing use of machinery, it started reaching people rapidly.
  4. Processed food is that which goes through many processes and reaches people. Therefore nutrients are reduced in it. Many types of chemicals are used in it, which only cause harm.
  5. The result of these things is that by 2010, 29% of the world's population was overweight. 9 percent of the people were struggling with obesity. His body mass index was over 30. Which is above average.

Between 2009 and 2010, 35.7 percent of people in the US were already suffering from obesity, says the CDC, America's largest health agency. By 2018, this figure had increased to 42.4 percent.

28 per cent of the UK population is suffering from obesity.

At the same time, 135 million people in India are troubled by obesity. Indians are also fighting other diseases. 7.2 crore people in the country are suffering from diabetes and 8 crore high blood pressure. German scientists report that worldwide obesity will increase heart disease and diabetes patients. An epidemic like corona increases the risk of death for them.

According to German scientists, the demand for milk in rich countries will increase by up to 50 percent. Demand for non-vegetarians will also double. Researcher Dr. Benjamin Bodirsky says, "There is enough food available for every human being in the world, but the major obstacle is that the income of the poor people is not enough to buy it."

At the same time, rich countries do not understand what will be the economic consequences of throwing food and its impact on the environment. This habit will increase the effect of global warming.

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