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Best Asan or Posture to practice Meditation for the Learner.

In today's world, everyone is busy with their life. Every person needs some peace and calm mood which can be drawn only by mediation. As per me, each and everyone should try mediation for at least an hour, which can help them a lot. Meditation plays a vital role in people's life it helps in relaxing the mind and soul. As we know a peaceful mind can heal your disease and make you happy in your valuable life.  

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Prana Dharana is the basic technique that we follow in meditation. In Sanskrit Prana means the air that we breathe. Dharma means awareness. It means the air that we breathe with awareness and technique. There are a few process which is mentioned below on how to execute them.

The common asan that are suitable for meditation is Padmasana. It is also known as the lotus pose. It is very simple to perform and gives a relaxed mood and energetic body. But if you are not able to perform this asan or posture then just keep your leg crossed. The back should be straight close your eyes and fully relax your body there should be no tension in your mind your forehead should be fully calmed. You should not pressure any pressure on your thigh or knees while performing this posture. Your facial muscle should be relaxed and your mouth must be closed.

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Your full posture should be in a relaxed mood while performing this. And then start your process of taking air in and out slowly and calmly. You should never hold your breath just be in the flow. Don't utter any words while performing this meditation. This will make you happy and fully relaxed in your life. Just practice daily at a basic level. For better results always be in practice. Just be in line and perform meditation.

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