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Fasting story of mother Shailputri read on first day of Navratri

Shardiya Navaratri has started from today and today is the first day of Navaratri and mother Shailputri is worshiped on this day. It is said that 9 different forms of mother are worshiped for the entire 9 days of Navratri. It is believed that those who worship the mother in their homes for the entire nine days, the blessings of the mother always remain on them and their family. Many people also keep fasting for Navratri, but those who are unable to do fasting, only then they read or hear the story everyday, then their fate is revealed. Let's know the story of mother Shailputri today.

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Once king Daksh carried out a Yajna prayer service. In this, he invited all the gods to receive their yagna-part, but he did not invite Shankarji in this yagya. When Sati heard that her father was performing a very huge yajna ritual, she felt anxious to go there. He conveyed his wish to Shankarji. After considering everything, he said - Prajapati Daksha is angry with us for some reason. In his yajna, he has invited all the gods. Their sacrificial fires have also been dedicated to them, but we have not been called deliberately. No information has been sent. In such a situation it will not be right for you to go there.

Even Sati did not accept Sati's saying this. Seeing his strong request, Lord Shankarji allowed him to go there. Sati reaches her father's house and sees that no one is talking to him with respect and love. Only his mother embraced him with affection. The sisters' words were full of sarcasm and derision. This behavior of family members hurt his heart a lot. Seeing all this, Sati's heart became content with anger, guilt and anger. He thought not to listen to Lord Shankarji, I made a big mistake by coming here. She could not bear the insult of her husband Lord Shankar. He burned his form immediately by burning it there. On hearing this Darun-sad incident like a thunderbolt, Shankarji got angry and sent his ganas to complete the complete destruction of that Yajna of Daksha.

Sati consumed her body by yogagni and was born as the daughter of Shailraj Himalaya in the next life. This time she became famous as 'Shailputri'.

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