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What is your love story? How was it started and how is it going right now?

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I had a huge crush on girl “M” in my engineering college. But she had BF studying in same college. She was a topper. She was very smart, cute and pretty. I was Boy’s topper. I was attracted to her style of walking, her attitude and the list goes on. I was a guy with lot of attitude as almost many Boys would support me and listen to me whatever I say and I was one among popular guys in college. I used to not talk much with girls.

During my 3rd semester, I was getting more attracted to her and I was hating it as she had BF. I was portraying as if I was hating her. Whenever there used to be decisions taken collectively in a class, I used to oppose whatever she says and all boys would support me. But few close friends of mine got to know about my feelings towards her. Things were going the same. I never tried to approach her and talk to her.

In my 5th semester one day I messaged (SMS not whatsapp) her “ do you like me?” assuming she would have my number. She had my number and replied “ how can you ask anyone like that?”. I apologized and wanted to end it. But she continued and asked about college and different subjects we had. Her relationship was in a bad course even before I texted her. He had done mean things to her and she was trying to get out of it. I was not aware of anything. She started talking to me and we started texting more often. I wasn’t flirting with her and she was not in any mood to break up with her BF. Until her BF went to her brother and said bad things about me and her. She broke up with him afterwards and she said me we will just be friends and nothing more. To be frank I was hoping someday we will be together, But after all this things I felt it will not work out and be just friends. As she was talking to me, people started talking negatively about her and her old friends left her. This bought her more close to me. She became a part of my group of friends and she always used to hangout with us.

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We started talking more and we became close to each other and after a couple of months may be 5 or 6 months later we had developed that bonding without our realization. So eventually fell in love with each other. I had plans of my MS after engaged and she MTech. Due to financial problems I could not do MS but moved to Chennai from Bangalore to work. I used to visit mostly alternate weekends and meet her. So this continued for 2 more years. So In total of 4 years we had become so close to each other. We were connected to each other very deeply. We had trips, movies, shopping, fights and many more memories. So I made plans to pursue my MS which will be the solution for my financial problems so made arrangement for money with the help of my dad. So I had somehow taken transfer from Chennai to Bangalore 4 months before I planned to leave India. So once I took transfer it was daily meeting with her and we decided we should talk in our home before I leave for MS. So we spoke in our homes. I could convince my parents. But her mom had said let him finish his studies we will talk later and her dad stopped talking to her completely and after two months even he said we will talk to him after his studies. I had left India by then, So I had no chance to meet her parents. Which I really wanted to do as I was scared to leave her with that confusion. But her beautiful send off, “I will wait for you” written on cake, made me think she will never leave me and boosted my confidence.

She too joined for work after MTech. We were missing each other badly. We were in touch with each other daily. The moment I said Bye to her, from that moment I was waiting when will I meet her again, when will I hold her hands, when will I hug her again. I was waiting for it. Nine to ten months passed. From 10th month on wards many things were happening back in her home and she never said me anything and she stopped texting me. Just wish me GM and GN. I was angry on her behavior. I too stopped texting her thinking in one month I will visit India and would sort out directly and concentrated on my exams and assignments.

Finally, I visited India one week before the date I had said I will visit and surprised her directly by visiting her work place with so many gifts and chocolates which I did not buy any for my parents or my sister. I could see she wasn’t that happy or surprised to see me. Her parents were worried about my financial conditions(education loan), no own home, marriage expenses. They thought all this would burden her daughter and they didn’t want her to be married to me. I just had visited India with all the excitement being away for one year and waiting to come back. All these talks were between me, her and my parents. Her parents never tried to meet me and talk to me, they had no interest meeting me. All this happened in matter of 3 days from the day I went to India. I was shattered. My brain was not working. I was blank and did not know what to do. Her parents could have met me and spoke. I was doing academically fine and I am sure will find a very good job with good salary and I am also investing my money working part time jobs expecting good returns. But they refused to meet me and did not give a chance to convince them. She said she cannot convince her parents and said sorry to me and just left it.

I am in depression since then. Its been 4 months . She stopped texting me. I could not spend good time with my family when I visited India. I lost 5kg in matter of 20 days. My parents were unhappy looking at me. They are blaming themselves for my situation. I was trying my best to appear happy in front of them. I was relieved when I left India and came back to continue my studies as my parents wouldn’t have to see me in that situation. I simply cannot forget her. I love her the same way I love my mother. I have cried in my dreams and morning realize my pillows are wet. I would have actually cried in my sleep. I miss her very much. Facing each day is fearful whether they would be searching groom to her. What should I do on the day she will get married to someone. What will I be thinking on that day. I always said her my biggest fear would be loosing you. Now I am living facing that fear.

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I have also not given up. I am trying to make my financial condition better and my dad is also working on it. Hoping all things will sort out and I get her back. If not, I wish her a very good future. I hope she gets a good husband who understands her. She has anger issues and hopefully he will handle her and hopefully he will not get to know about her past. In India it is a problem. If he gets to know, I hope he be open minded. I want her to be the same lovely and lively girl. She should not be suppressed by her husband. Altogether she should be happy. I will miss her very badly.

She will always be in my prayers. She will always be loved till my last breathe.


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