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You pushed backward at gun fired but Why? Who is Newton & his laws?

If you fired any gun you marked, when you fired a gun, suddenly you pushed backward automatically.

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When you fired any gun as a bullet contains some explosive substance known as gun powder this causes an internal explosion inside the gun which forces the bullet in the forward direction & the bullet hits your aim.


This is mainly due to every force has an equal & opposite reaction according to Newton's law. But do you know what actually is this rule & how this rule is applied?

Ok, before discussing this question let's give a knee eye about Newton.

Who is Newton?

Wikipedia's report, Newton's full name is Sir Isaac Newton. He was England's great Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer & Author. He discovered his Law of motion at 23 years of age.

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Let's know What are Newton's laws of motion?

Newton discovered three laws of motion through this rule, you can be thorough when a gun you fired why you pushed it backward?

Newton's 1st law

"An object at rest will remain at rest & an object in motion will remain in motion until or unless the object is acted by an external force."

It means any object will always remain stationary & if you did not apply any force to it will remain stationary & will not move by itself.

Newton's 2nd law

"Any force acting on the specific object is equal to the mass of that object's times of acceleration."

It means the speed & distance of the object depends on the equal amounts of force applied to it.

Mathematically: F= M.A

Newton's 3rd law

"For every action, there is an equal & opposite reaction." credit: third party image reference

It means when an object is pushed or any force applied to it in one direction it produces an equal amount of resistance right to its opposite direction.

When you fired a gun due to this 3rd law of motion gun pushed backward.

I hope you got the answer.

Thank you.

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