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Lalit koundal

Does Acne (Pimple) really Matter and make you feel depressed?

Big thanks to my daughter for showing me the only pimple she had two days back and which triggered me to write on this topic. Girls possess the capability to project small pimple to appear like a giant heavenly body which is going to fall on them and destroy their whole life.

Have you encountered girls whining - look I have got acne !! It won't be surprising if they talk about this single acne the whole day. I was just curious to know that why and how much Acne matters? Here is my bit of research on the subject. It matters to both the girls & boys, but more to girls.

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Look at the reactions on being asked whether the "acne matters" and just study these carefully -

Reaction 1- I think the fact that it destroys your confidence matters much more.

Reaction 2- Acne only matters to people who've never struggled with it and just expects everyone to have perfect skin. Acne goes away in a while. A good personality doesn't. Don't pass up on potential mate just because of some temporary hormonal imbalances.

Reaction 3- Personally, acne does not matter. But if acne is from bad hygiene or they don't take care of themselves or put in the effort to wash their face etc then that kinda matters.

Reaction 4- Uhh I find guys with acne really cute. Just Me?

Reaction 5- I currently have a lot of acne right now and these girls definitely care about a clear face. I've been trying my best to clear my face up but nothing seems to work. If anyone has anything, please let me know, Thanks!

Reaction 6- To be honest, I think acne is cute in a way. Super perfect skin looks weird and unattractive to me. I like freckles and moles and spots. They are unique.

Reaction 7-Most girls would look at me and laugh because of acne 😔

Reaction 8- I am a girl and acne does not really matter, being completely honest.

Reaction 9 - I swear for the last 10 years of my life, I have done everything and taken every type of medicine to fix my extreme acne and nothing works. It won't END! It's killing my confidence!

Reaction 10- I'm just trying to find a guy who also has acne so I don't feel alone lol.

Reaction 11- The best way to cure acne is to have a gf or female friend that knows the ways to cure it.

Reaction 12- I like the song saying everything is going to be alright.

Reaction 13- Acne kinda matters depending on if you take care of your face and clean your face, I don't mind acne as long as you keep it under control.

Reaction 14- Nooooo acne doesn't matter! It goes away! Honestly, I had acne growing up and I know for a fact people with acne actually wash their face so much more and are actually cleaner! It's just pimples they'll go away eventually.

Reaction 15- If you have acne, you lose your confidence in your social life.

Reaction 16- If you're funny, kind, and caring, with a little bit of confidence then that's all that matters. Acne wouldn't matter anyway.

This was the compilation of mixed reactions possibly we get to hear. Most of the time it's not considered healthy to have acne. But there are some who have got bigger heart and accept this as skin issue which needs serious attention. It mars the attraction, confidence, and social status gets impacted negatively.

One must see the pimples, acne, blackheads, whiteheads and large pores, and all other skin troubles as a cry for help from the skin. Instead of targeting your skin with various products, be gentle and de-stress your skin. Simply using the exfoliants to remove clogging and clear out your pores would prove out to be an excellent choice. Keep your skin moisturized & add Vitamin C to your skincare routine.

This is going to be your first & vital step towards blemish-free skin !! And acnes won't matter.

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