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Malavika Mohanan said that Mammootty invited her to cinema.

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Malavika Mohanan has made her Malayalam debut as the heroine of Dulquer Salman. Malavika played the lead role in Dulquar's early film Pattom Pole. Though the film was not a success, the songs in the film were well received. After her debut film, Malavika acted in Malayalam films like Asif Ali's Nirnayakam and Mammootty's The Great Father. Though not well received in Malayalam, Malavika later acted in Rajinikanth's Petta and Dalapati Vijay's Master in Tamil. Malavika will be Vijay's heroine in Master. It is also a movie that Dalpati fans have been waiting for with great anticipation. Apart from Malayalam and Tamil, Malavika has also acted in Kannada, Hindi and English. Meanwhile, Malavika had revealed how her first film, Pattom Pole, came to be. Malavika Mohanan is the daughter of famous cameraman KU Mohanan. Early in her career, Malavika was lucky enough to star in the famous Iranian director Majeed Majeed's Beyond the Clouds.

credit: third party image reference

In the same year, Malavika acted in Mammootty's The Great Father. Malavika's Rajinikanth movie Pete, which was released last year, was the last film to hit the theaters. Meanwhile, Malavika said that megastar Mammootty has invited her to Malayalam cinema. When he came to Kerala in 2013 to do an advertisement with his father, Mammootty asked him if he wanted to act. Then Dulquer became Salman's heroine like Pattom. Mammootty invites me to Malayalam cinema. When She came to Kerala to do an advertisement with his father, Mammootty asked. Want to act in cinema. She said that actually Mammootty made her an actress. She said that Mammootty was one of the greatest actor in Malayalam filim industry. She was one of the greatest fan of Mammootty. Malavika was so happy to say about Mammootty. Now Malavika was one of the leading actress in south Indian filim industry.

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