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Facts of Shark fish. Shark fish hearing heart beat of other fish. Is it possible?

credit: third party image reference

Shark fish is one of the dangerous group in the marine world. We can find them in different species. But the most common shark fishes have cartilaginous skeletal system, but they don't have bones, 5-7 gills on each side of the head, sharks can grow up to 40 feet & they have a good eyesight to detect food & enemies.

Facts of Shark fish;

Before going to the question, Let's know some interesting facts of shark fish researchers found.

  • Sharks have good eyesight to detect food & enemies, even they can see at dark in the night.
  • They don't have bone, as their bodies deposit calcium to strengthen their skeletal system.credit: third party image reference
  • The shark can detect the heartbeat of other fish, especially the fish they eat.
  • They can detect blood in the ocean from miles away.
  • Their skin feels like almost sandpaper.credit: third party image reference
  • According to researchers, Sharks found in the ocean since 500 million years of age.
  • They have no specific way to reproduce.
  • Different species of shark fish have varieties of teeth.
  • Most of the sharks are cool, but when they found any dietary fish, their blood got warmed & excited to swim faster.
  • They live in the ocean's dipped when they feel hungry started surrounding the ocean.
  • Shark fish can easily detect injured fish.
  • Although they can eat humans, they have the most threats to humans as humans kill them.

How sharks can detect the heartbeat of other fish?

Let's know, is this question true? If so, How?

According to research conducted by The University of California at San Francisco, every shark fish has a receptor or sensory organ to detect other marine organisms. The receptor called, ampullae of Lorenzini, produces a powerful electrical sensitivity very similar to the human auditory system & helps in detecting electromagnetic field of other living organisms produced by their heart.

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