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If you adopt this method, you will never worry about contact being deleted

The joy of buying a new smartphone is different. And no matter why, most of the time in the day passes with our mobile phones. The new phone installs new apps, takes photos with the camera, and downloads new games. Everything is fun, but when it comes to contacts, most of the mobile users are worried about how to bring the old phone contacts into the new phone. Today, we are going to tell you some easy tips that after adopting, how much will change the phone but there will be no worry about deleting the contacts.

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How to save number

  1. The best option to save the number in the phone is to save it on Google account, not in the phone memory or SIM memory.
  2. When setting up a new phone, turn on Gmail's contact sync.
  3. After the sync is turned on, go to contacts or phone book and set the location to save the contacts to the boy default 'Gmail'.
  4. After doing this, whatever contacts you save in your phone will be saved on all Gmail accounts. And later, by logging in to your Gmail account in any phone, all your contacts can be downloaded to that phone.

How to transfer old phone contacts to new phone

1. In the old phone, open the sync option by going to the Gmail account under 'Settings'.

2. Go to 'Contact' option here and activate it.

3. By turning on contact sync, back up all the contacts to the Gmail account.

4. After this, login the same Gmail account in the new phone, on which the old phone is backed up.

5. Turn on syncing the contacts in the new phone as well, by doing this all the contacts will automatically get downloaded in the phone book.

Backup via memory card

  1. If you use a microSD card in the phone, then plug it into the old phone.
  2. Go to the contact list or phonebook and click on Import / Export contact option.G
  3. Go to the export contact option here and select 'Export to storage device' or 'Export to card', here the file of contact list can also be named according to your own.
  4. After the contact is exported, remove the memory card from the old phone and insert it into the new phone.
  5. Here too, by going to Import / Export contact in phonebook, select 'Import from storage device' or 'Import from card' option.

Here, after selecting the contact file saved by you, all the contacts in it will be downloaded in the new phone. Let us know that in all the options mentioned above, your contacts will come in the new phone but at the same time, memory card and Gmail account will also be saved. You can also leave them safe as per your need and delete them if you want.

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