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Titanic Engineers : Heroes of the sinking ship.

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No movie on the big screen can do justice to the brave engineers that sacrifised their lives during the tragic accident that occured on April 15,  1912 on the RMS Titanic. 

There goes a saying, “Adversity does not build character, it reveals the character of a person.” This is never truer than when disaster strikes. In times of great misfortune and even catastrophe, there are often only a few people who have the strength and courage to go above and beyond to help others survive.Many tragedies have led to stories of great self-sacrifice as people have shown immense bravery to save the lives of others.

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Unfortunately, many movies based on the sinking of the RMS Titanic have failed to depict the sacrifice of the liner’s 35 engineering staff members who lost their lives during the maritime disaster. As none of the engineering crew survived the sinking on April 15, 1912, there was sadly no firsthand account of the men’s actions at the official inquiry.However, there is no doubt that every engineer remained aboard to maintain the RMS Titanic’s electrical power during the sinking. By keeping the liner’s lights on and the engines running , they helped to reduce panic among passengers while enabling the wireless officers to send distress signals to nearby ships and delay the speed of sinking of ship. When people had boarded the lifeboats and were rowing away for their lives they were still trying to send more people to safety but in the end were unable to save their own lives.

It was only due to their sacrifise that the lives of many poeple could be saved during the disaster but the cinema has always portrayed the sinking of RMS Titanic as a romantic drama which brings tears to the eyes of folks around the world.

credit: third party image reference

The Titanic Engineers' Memorial is a memorial in East Park, Southampton, United Kingdom, to the engineers who died in the Titanic disaster on 15 April 1912. The bronze and granite memorial was originally unveiled by Sir Archibald Denny, president of the Institute of Marine Engineers on 22 April 1914.
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