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Do this secret solution on Friday night, you will get money

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News Desk: Worshiping Ashta Lakshmi on Friday night is very beneficial. It removes all the troubles of life and keeps the grace of mother on life. Today, we will try to learn about this topic about some secret use which if you do the remedy on Friday night, then it will benefit you and all the troubles of life will end.

1. Worship Ashta Lakshmi on Friday night. Also burn incense sticks of rose fragrance and offer red flowers and red garlands. It will rain a lot of money on you and the lack of money will be removed.

2 . On Friday night, with the garland in hand, 'I am Shri, Ashtalakshmi, I am a Siddhaye Mama Gruhe, Agricha Patcha Namah: Swaha. Chant the mantra.

3. According to Jyotish Shastra, install the picture of Sri Yatra and Ashta Lakshmi on a pink cloth on Friday night. This will benefit and business business will get progress.

4. Apply tilak on Shri Yantra and Ashta Lakshmi with the best smell. This will bring happiness in your life and you will get rid of all the troubles of life.

5. According to astrology, anoint the Lord Vishnu by filling water in the conch shell in the south. This will end the financial troubles and you will benefit.

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