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Life is like a yes or no.

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Life is nothing but yes or no. In your life, there will be multiple choices but at last, there will be only two options "yes or no" and "zero or one" this is the universal fact. In your life, you have to learn to tell both yes and no. where to tell yes? and where to tell no? yes is very complicated than no. Because if you told yes to anyone and didn't do that work means you will feel guilty and your relationship may be spoil.

In other cases, if you learn how to tell NO, It will stop unwanted problems in your life, and also it will give you time to tell yes again. Sometimes NO also brings problems but not like "yes". For example, in my life, I told yes to my friend to join in her business but later only I came to know full details of the business plan. That time I told her that "I'm not okay with this business. Going to relieve" after I told this some crack happened in-between us. Without knowing anything I simply told YES so it caused so many problems. So if you don't know something simply say "I update you soon" or "I need some time to think about this". Don't answer yes or no simply with your family or friends. Life is too simple don't complicate it by saying yes or no. Take your own time to say yes and no. 

You always shine in your life. If you learn life values for that speak with more people. Build a network with people. Life values are important things that will teach you where to say no or yes. Be careful while choosing the words that utter from your tongue. once you told something you can't take it back. 

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