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Be careful if you eat mostly frozen food

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People are consuming frozen food as compared to fresh food, but frozen food is not good for health. Frozen food uses hydrogenated palm oil that contains harmful trans fats, in addition to corn syrup made from investors and glucose. Preservatives are used. The amount of sodium in the frozen food is very high, due to which there can be many problems in the body. Sometimes eating these food is right but avoiding making it a habit would be right for health today. We tell you what diseases can be caused by their excessive use. 1 The risk associated with frozen and processed foods is due to heart diseases. These foods increase the problem of transfats. The transfers increase the level of bad cholesterol in the body and decrease the good cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease. There is a high amount of sodium in it, which increases blood pressure. 2 Fat is found in excess in frozen food. The stomach has twice the calories as compared to carbohydrates or protein. One such frozen chicken has about 600 calories which is more than half of the fat that comes from nutrients. It is promoted by saying that it is full but it is true that it is very dangerous for the body. 3 Eating too much frozen food may increase the risk of cancer. Research suggests that eating frozen food, especially frozen meats, increases the chances of pancreatic cancer. According to a study, eating frozen hot dog spicy non-veg and fennel can increase the risk of cancer. may increase.

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