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Pradip Kumar Ray

Story of Muni Gautam,Devi Ahalya & Devraj Indra

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Gautam Muni and his wife Ahalya Devi's ashram was located in the suburbs of Mithila.It was on the banks of the river Godavari. Ahalya's appearance was so pretty that she would be the world beauty woman of that time. He was blessed by Brahma that his body and beauty would always be as strong as a 16-year-old girl. Then at the behest of Brahma, Ahalya and Gautam Muni were married. Indra deva was enraged when he could not marry Ahalya.He always kept watch over Maharishi Gautama’s movements with bad intentions.Image Credit: Google

Maharishi Gautam daily got up at the third watch (‘Prahar’) of the morning and went to the river to pray. After prayer, he returned to the ashram again. A bird would call every morning at the third watch (‘Prahar’) and hearing the call of the bird, Maharishi Gautam would break his sleep and go to prayer. Indra dev was a devious man, he approached the bird to call him two-night (‘Two Prahar’) for a night. When he refused, he is wanted to bring the nectar from heaven. The bird agreed and then, in the words of Devaraj Indra, called at two in the morning. At the bird's call, Muni's sleep was broken, and Muni went to the bath to pray. At that time Indra deva appeared in front of Ahalya in the disguise of Muni Goutam and prayed to be a companion to Ahalya. Then Ahalya engaged in sin with Indra.

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 Meanwhile, the sun does not rise even after the time of Muni's prayer has passed. Anxiety woke up in Muni's head and Muni returned to the ashram. He came to the cottage and saw that someone else was inside the cottage with his form. Muni immediately takes water from the “kundal” (Water Pot) and sprinkles it on him then finds out that he is Devraj Indra. He cursed Indra that all his body would be infected in the vagina and he would also have to be raped in case of war. Muni cursed his wife for being a stone, and also cursed the bird, saying that in Kali Yuga he should be born with a lump and that the house hold people would receive him as food.

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Moral -In addition to maintaining character, we should be selective in our diet. Non-violence is, in fact, the absolute religion. Carry out the duties of life. Try to establish truth i.e religion.

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