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arshul majeed

The most poisonous snake of African black Mamba , know how dangerous it is...

Black mamba is the most dangerous species of snake. This highly poisonous snake of Africa is among the ten most poisonous snakes in the world. The Black Mamba is responsible for an average of 20,000 deaths each year in Africa. Come, we know very interesting things about the king of fear.

Extremely agile and aggressive Mamba is far ahead of other snakes in the world in terms of crawling speed. It can run at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. It is so aggressive that upon realizing the danger that it can bite continuously 10-12 times in a few seconds, leaving 400 milligrams of poison in the victim's body. Another feature is that Black Mamba can change its color depending on the situation. Black Mamba is not completely Black This snake is also very dangerous to see. By the way, unlike its name, Black Mamba is not completely black , but it has a little brown (brown) and olive to gray shade. By the way, it has been given this name for the dark blue part of its mouth.

This snake likes to live in the trees and trees of the forest. Black mamba is about 2 meters in length, but many times 4.5 m long black mamba snakes have also been seen in the forest. Extremely poisonous snake There is no doubt that this snake is the 10 most dangerous of our world. And is included in the list of poisonous snakes. Its poison is fast acting neuro toxin. One milligram of this poison is enough to kill a human being. As soon as it is bitten, it becomes dark in front of human eyes. A person dies within 15 minutes to 3 hours of the bite. Before being made an anti-vanim, no human could be bitten by it. This snake is found so much in Africa that the antidote of this snake is given to the snake bitten person as soon as he reaches the hospital. Black mamba lays 6 - 25 eggs at a time, once the egg is snake She leaves them and goes away. After three months, the children come out, whose length is 16 - 24 inches. This snake lives around 11 years. Method of hunting different from other snakes These snakes usually like to hunt small creatures and birds. The method of hunting this snake is also completely different from other snakes. First of all, it quickly catches its prey by chasing it. Then leaves all its poison inside it. He keeps an eye on his prey until his venom begins to show effect. Shortly after his victim paralyzes and dies, he proceeds to eat it. Soon he swallows his prey. Interestingly, this snake can eat an organism four times larger than itself.credit: third party image reference

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