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Why Do Men Put A Brake On Their Feelings, Know-How Dangerous It Is?

Yesterday 19 November was celebrated as International Men's Day. There is a purpose to celebrate this day. Encourage those ideal men who contribute to the well being of society. On this day, awareness is also raised about men's health and discussions are also held on discrimination against men.

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But we are sure that most of you will not know that on the international level, a day is also celebrated which is dedicated to men. But celebrating this day is important because 76 percent of the suicides worldwide are men. Males constitute 85 percent of the homeless.

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Also, 40 percent of men are victims of domestic violence worldwide. The jail term for men is also 64 percent more than that of women. Males constitute 92 percent of the deaths due to work or in the first place. If women and men commit the same crime, then the chances of men going to jail for it are three to four times more than women.

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Circle of a lie around men

Despite all these problems, a lie is made around men in which they have to live all their life. Some of the thoughts and words that this lie is made up of, men do not feel pain, boys do not cry, men do not have depression, men who go into depression are weak, drink a drink and all is well. Will, do not talk about such and such things and be a man, girls like tough boys. These are words uttered by men that never allow their real personalities to emerge.

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After this, when a man comes to a young age, he is often compared to others. Based on the progress of others, his mental, physical, educational and economic assessment is done. According to the Indian Journal of Community Medicine, 53 percent of men between the ages of 21 and 49 suffer violence only because they are men.credit: third party image reference

But a man's struggle does not end here

Even after marriage, she has to manage the economy of the house and maintain the whole family. In Indian society too, most men are given the responsibility of earning money. 

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