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Tricks to learn the Sanskrit language that will lead you on the path of strong memory

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The Sanskrit language also is known as the language of God. It is a dive language which also a mother of all the languages, it is the second oldest language after Tamil. Some of us learnt this divine language in the schools or colleges but we only used it or see it as a scoring subject. We only used it to write the correct grammar in the exams only. But we never thought to speak in Sankrit, unlike we do it with the other languages. All the Vedas Puranas are in the Sanskrit language. It also works as a guiding star for most of the languages in the world. As we start understanding and learning the language we can relate the sankrit with other languages it helps to improve our command over other languages. Following are some Tricks to learn and practice Sankrit effectively to give you more benefits:

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1. Every day try to pray to God in Sanskrit shlokas:

As Indians, we all are aware of the Sanskrit shlokas. Which we learnt in childhood, we used to pray in the evening we used to sing "Shubham Karoti Kalyanam" and other prayers comes after that. Some of those shlokas are in Sanskrit. Like "Ganpati AtharvaShirsh", "Ram Raksha", "Bhagvat Gita Adhyay" etc. We used to pray with our parents or grandparents. If you remember those try to pronounce it in an audible voice note. It will improve your pronunciation skills, the Sanskrit language has all kind of pronunciations and it will make stronger your pronunciations in all the languages.

2. Try to learn Shubhashit mala:

By learning and mugging up the long Shubhashit mala's, it will help you to remember things and analyse things from a different perspective. It improves the cognitive power of the brain.

3. Find a partner:

To learn and speak in Sanskrit, you must try to speak with the partner who is also learning and understand the language.

4. YouTube:

It will always help you to understand and learn Sanskrit, unlike the school system we never learnt or thought about.

The Sanskrit language is attracting worldwide students. Every other country is trying to learn and teach Sanskrit in their country. Some countries are making compulsory to learn the Sanskrit language.

So it is our Indian language, therefore, we should try to learn it and apply in our day to day life to improve our memory.

credit: third party image reference

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